Size guide

All Tuckshop knits are handmade so minor variations in sizes may occur. Please use the following as a guide only.


All Tuckshop garments are size graded to the Australian sizing guide. I currently offer sizes XS-3XL (6-24).

XS: au size 6-8
S: au size 8-10
M: au size 12-14
L: au size 14-16
XL: au size 16-18
2XL: au size 20-22
3XL: au size 22-24

How to choose your size

The below measurements are based on the flat measurements of each garment. The best way to find your size is to find a jumper/cardigan/tee you already own that you love the fit of. Lay your garment on a flat surface and measure from the top of the garment to the hem for length measurement and from armpit to armpit for the width measurement.


Cardigan measurements

Cardigan size guide

Size  Length (cm) Width (cm)
XS 53.5 41
S 55 42
M 58 44
L 59 50
XL 62 54
2XL 69 58


Jumper measurements

Jumper size guide

Size  Length (cm) Width (cm)
XS 56 45
S 57 47
M 58 51
L 58.5 54
XL 60 55
2XL 64.5 58
3XL 66 61



Cotton tee m

Cotton tee size guide

Size  Length (cm) Width (cm)
S 51 42
M 54 46
L 55 50
XL 56 55
2XL 63 62


Scarf measurements (approximate measurements only)

Adult: 23cm wide & 220cm long
Kid: 14cm wide & 120cm long


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