Care Instructions

Tuckshop pieces are like pet turtles. You buy one thinking "oh that sounds like fun, I'll get a few years and a bunch of happy memories out of this purchase". Then you go home with your new pet and google "what's a turtle's lifespan?" and BOOM. You realise you just bought something that lives for 50 years. Except if you buy a jumper you won't need to feed it or buy it a mate because you think it gets lonely when you're at work. 

Look, just put the turtle down. It's almost 100% guaranteed to end in buyers remorse. In this way, Tuckshop pieces are not like pet turtles at all. 

If you have gotten this far, I'm going to be honest... I'm judging you a little bit. But as a reward, please enjoy these very succint but accurate care instructions.

Headbands: Spot clean
Beanies: Spot clean
Scarves: Warm machine wash. Dry flat
Jumpers: Warm machine wash. Dry flat
Cardigans: Warm machine wash. Dry flat
Cotton Tees: Cool hand wash. Dry flat