Thairish Cotton Tee
Thairish Cotton Tee

Thairish Cotton Tee

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OK… sit down, make a cup of tea. Get comfortable. I’m going to tell you a story.
On a warm Spring afternoon I sat down on the couch with my laptop (which btw has screws inexplicably falling out of it as we speak) and searched “pink and navy” on Pinterest for name ideas for this colourway. 98% of the images that came back were wedding related. “Bloody Pinterest!” I exclaimed, as I detached my jaw to demolish an entire packet of Baklava. I very nearly called this combo “Matrimony Pony” but didn’t… for reasons unknown. So, why did I call it Thairish? It was the hashtag we had at our wedding (ugh millennials ammiright?). I’m half Thai, Ol’ stinky freckle face Norman is Irish and portmanteaus are our weapon of choice.
Not an interesting story, but true nonetheless.

Small: au size 8-10
Medium: au size 12-14
Large: au size 16-18


Wait time: 2-4 weeks

All tees are made from 100% cotton on Betsy the vintage knitting machine and hand-finished by Sharidan the vintage carb eater.