Toffee Apple Headband **LIMITED EDITION**

Toffee Apple Headband **LIMITED EDITION**

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My new favourite colourway and PANTS DOWN the best Peter Combe song ever. EVER. Please feel free to email me at if you disagree so that we can organise a time to meet up and fight.

Toffee Apple nice and licky
One for Judy one for Nicky
Crunchy Munchy very sticky
Don’t forget to clean your teeth

Daddy have a bite – chomp chomp chomp
Mummy have a bite - chomp chomp chomp
Chew it well – chew chew chew
Mm Mm – very nice!


All headbands are made from 100% Australian wool on Betsy the vintage knitting machine and hand-seamed by Sharidan the vintage carb eater.